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The Macro Millionaire Coaching Program of John Thomas

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Many folks have asked us about the Macro millionaire Coaching Program. We give it two thumbs up. In fact, we suggest you take our seasonal software and run the macro trades through them first to see whether the timing can be improved or not. Ins ome cases we’ve found we can improve the trade greatly.

As we always say, you must use some method to pick the trades, and use the seasonal method, when appropriate to refine the timing. You can be a technical trader and just trade off the seasonals alone, but when you have a fundamental macro bias, and the seasonals align, you have a perfect storm of trend following profits in store.

John Thomas, the Macro Millionaire expert of global macro hedge fund trading trends, has just released a new video you might want to watch Six Major Trends for 2011 That Will Make You Rich or Miserable

If you are interested in the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program, click on this link to find out more information here including his track record, experience qualifications, world views, how to trade like a hedge fund, and so forth: ==> Macro Millionaire Coaching Program

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January 25th, 2011 at 4:59 am

3 Sample NASDAQ Forecasts from Our September Newsletter

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Last month we had a real hit (and great success in accuracy) showing some stock forecasts like RYAAY which followed their seasonal projections right in line with expectations. Well our NASDAQ100 newsletter was released August 28 — a few days early this month — to allow traders to get in some early trading since a lot of good patterns were expected to develop right around September 1.

A few days have passed, so let’s look at just three sample forecasts for YHOO, SBUX and PDCO right out of the newsletter, though of course the newsletter (and our S&P100 newsletter) have many more great trades inside, especially since we are waiting for mid-month highs to short a number of stocks or sell calls or buy puts.

As always, we are NOT RECOMMENDING any particular trade or trading strategy, nor saying these forecasts will come true, or guaranteeing you will make money with our newsletter, nor rendering trading advice, nor one of 1,000 different things our lawyers tell us to mention. Our normal disclaimers apply, and you are hereby noticed to read those disclaimers.

That legal gobbely-gook being said, here are the seasonal analysis forecasts for 3 sample stocks from the latest NASDAQ100 newsletter, and you can see how the shares are already following very clear expectations.

Personally I expect stock reversals for many shares starting around September 7-8 and 14-15, so I have a close stop on my own trades. I chose not to even show the bearish trades yet since the best are yet to come, so there’s still time to subscribe and get those.

The whole point is that you can use these Factor Seasonal chart projections, in conjunction with normal technical analysis, to buy/sell stocks and buy/sell options. I particularly like writing vertical credit spreads since with the mathematics available from the ThinkOrSwim platform, we can lower our risks tremendously picking the right strike price and expiration that are likely to collect premium more safely. The newsletters give the timing and direction, and the ThinkorSwim platform gives the math.

I hope to offer another newsletter on this trading strategy in a few months time after we get all the details worked out for this yet another trading strategy possible using our factor seasonal analysis.

Until then, if you already trade options, then watch this video of projections and think about what YOU WOULD DO if you had this information that you could use with your own trading system …

Remember, every month we analyze 100 different stocks in our NASDAQ100 and S&P100 newsletters. Mid-month we release the DJIA newsletter, which follows the most optioned big cap stocks. If you are an active trader or investor, this is the one service that provides projections whereas everyone else just offers opinions. Our best offer is the Seasonal Cash Flow Trader package whose price is rising soon.

How I made a Gazillion dollars trading Amazon’s (AMZN) seasonal trends

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No I didn’t make a “gazillion dollars.” I only made a small fortune, and I do this month in and month out using the technique in this video.

You might be surprised at how effective trading seasonal trends is in this volatile market environment. I’ve been making a killing over and over in this market – I show you how I’m doing it in this video. And even breakdown my latest Amazon trade.

If you want to try it go ahead and click here to accept the FREE 14-Day Trial of our Factor Seasonal Trends newsletters for the S&P 100, NASDAQ 100, Dow stocks AND you can download a complimentary version of our Seasonal Stock Charting Software as a bonus.

In this month’s NASDAQ newsletter I actually go through and show trade after trade after trade you can make with our newsletter, just like AMZN, and how to use our charts to stay out of stocks if you are a day trader or options player. You can go back and see I’ve been doing this for you all year long even in this difficult environment because this method is perennial. No I can’t promise you’ll make money with this — our disclaimer applies (you know the lawyers make us say that) — but all you have to do is look at the charts, figure out what you would have done with this information, and then decide for yourself. Most newsletters give great interpetations of economics and stocks but no one is bold enough to give you trading and investing charts ahead of time except us. Call us brave or stupid, but I don’t want to take your money if this thing really doesn’t work.

With our big super Seasonal Cash Flow System package, you’ll also get to read our long term cycles synopsis this month in the S&P100 newsletter which will tell you what shares we’re already expecting to buy in October. Yeah, October…stocks we think will run up for 2-3 years!

Only cycles plus Factor Seasonals can allow you to make projections this accurate. Don’t believe me — Check out the website videos from previous years and the past newsletters during your free trial. The pictures do not lie. Once again, I don’t want your money if you cannot make money with this, but with so muchhype out there with people trying to sellyou stuff, why believe me? So we lay it all on the line … our system is more sound than anything else we can dream of, and the latest videos will show it really works at picking stock trades. Stay tuned to watch the new ones that are coming month end.

If you are an investor or trader, absolutely nothing beats this type of seasonal projection information. You can actually see the likely price of the stock ahead of time and wait for a price confirmation to confirm the anticipated trend. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

People charge $5,000 for options newsletters that don’t deliver a fraction of what we offer, but you have to hurry to get into the Seasonal Cash Flow System packagenow because we have a limited time only price and will be raising it to options newsletter prices after the word gets out, at which time you might not be able to afford us and will miss all these setup trades.

That’s why we’re revealing all these trades right now and showing you how to profit from our “Factor Seasonal” projections, which are different from ordinary seasonals. Once we reach our targeted number of introductory subscribers, the doors get closed and the price will be raised so grab the discounted multi-subscription deal to our 3 newsletters, which cover over two hundred stocks, while it’s still available.

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July 25th, 2010 at 4:34 pm