" Find the biggest winners by knowing how individual stocks will perform in different economic environments."
What you're about to see is truly a new breakthrough in market timing and technical analysis that will simplify your trading and investing, and so obvious that you'll wonder why someone didn't think of it earlier...


"I Made 34.7% just the first MONTH alone that I started trading Factor Seasonals - more than Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway made in 2 years! Watch this video to see how it's done ..."

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Watch this video to discover how to find predictable, reliable and profitable Secret Seasonal Stock Trends you can easily trade to make more money, faster and with less risk than you thought possible

Factor Seasonal Trend Analysis, the greatest market timing breakthrough in seasonal technical analysis in the last 50 years, revolutionizes your trading and stock picking.

Everyone in the financial newsletter field always promises you some remarkable new trading breakthrough in order to get you to buy something, but they never show you anything truly new. In this case, however, you've stumbled upon one of those honestly truly absolutely new things which is why there are plenty of investment profits to be made while the general investment community still remains asleep about the method and its capabilities.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to deconstruct the behavior of a stock under different investment environments. Know the environment you're in and you'll have a reasonable expectation for the future behavior of that stock, which is something no technical indicator or value investing rule or fundamental analysis can do for you. Even if you aren't a market timer, just imagine what this will do for your stock picking in eliminating bad trades and spotlighting th best times of year to get into shares you're watching. The method is both fundamentally and technically sound. Not to mention -- it works!

But don't believe me. Watch this free video to see what all the excitement is about … and discover …

  • Why the Easiest way to find a needle in a haystack is to get rid of the hay! Factor Seasonal Trend Analysis gets rid of the hay of unreliable trades and simplifies your trading decisions by giving you a DEFINED UNIVERSE of stocks CURRENTLY following their seasonal trends – so you can focus on the likeliest winners … You'll know which shares are likely to go up or down because they're already following their stock trends!

  • Cash in bigger and REDUCE drawdowns by dramatically improving your market timing. Factor Seasonal Trends Analysis shows you precisely when to get inwhen to hold … and when to get out of your stocks because you’ll have CLEAR EXPECTATIONS of how long each trend for each stock will last ... You'll know when to stay away from a trade because the trend is about to reverse, and when to pile in or when to tighten your stops, and it's all driven by the historical behavior of the stock under similar past conditions!

  • Keeps you solidly on the Profitable side of the market. Factor Seasonal Trend Analysis shows you whether to be LONG or SHORT on the major indexes and individual stocks with easy to follow visual projection lines showing strong fundamental support … If you have your own bias as to whether the market is going to go up or down, simply buy or sell the stocks whose seasonal trends are in line with those expectations. Once a month you'll get a master list of all these stocks and you can see for yourself which ones are likely to make you money. Nothing could be simpler than that!

  • Avoid trade-killing whipsaws ordinary traders never see coming because you'll be trading the deconstructed real underlying trend of the markets. Plus, with this insider's X-ray information you'll be able to avoid the trader's nightmare of price action whipsaws because you can confirm worrisome price blips against the vetted seasonal confirmation chart.

  • Greatly improves the accuracy of your Elliott wave, Gann, Fibonacci and other market timing strategies. Actually, you'll end up relying more and more on the Factor Seasonal analysis as time goes by because with our free Factor Seasonal Software that comes with a "Seasonal Cash Flow Trader" subscription, you'll be able to update future price trend expectations faster than any newsletter can offer and your projections will be grounded by the realities of historical behavior patterns rather than expectations that never turn out to be true. Not only will you become a stock picking genius, but you'll know exactly when you should bail out or avoid getting into positions for each and every stock you might consider, even shares not covered by our newsletter!

  • Ramp up you Options Trading like never before. With advance notice of likely flex points and change-in-trend dates, you can buy or sell puts or calls with more confidence and alter your leverage because your competitors don't have this information. I'll put it directly: you'll have a crystal ball in your hands that will won't necessary work all the times in predicting the exact future price path of a stock, but will work enough times to make you a small fortune

  • And more ...

The Factor Seasonal financial newsletters reveal a Paradise of predictable, reliable and profitable stock trends ordinary traders will never know about ... and this will absolutely, positively revolutionize your trading and investing forevermore. Become a stock picking genius by investing with a stock's seasonal trends.

Start going for the sure bets rather than striking out trying to hit home runs all the time. Consistency of winning after winning trade will make you just as rich as one large winning trade that you make every few years because you were lucky rather than had a system like this, and it's much more fun in the meantime.

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P.S. And one more thing ... Warren Buffet was once quoted as saying, "You don't need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ." We could not agree more. Please simplify your trading or investing with a methodology that is SIMPLE and fundamentally sound. The reason many traders and investors haven't been more successful in the past is often to due to too much complication and delay because there's too much information and no way to cut through it all. We do that. We use a dead simple system of seasonal trading to try to get the price moves right, and when we don't have a dependable price projection with our adaptive seasonal and cycle charts, we don't trade.

As in baseball, you do not have to swing at eveything but should wait for your pitch. That's what we do -- if there is no good forecast we stay out of that stock and move on to something else, and if there's no money to be made there we pass on that new stock and wait once again. Money is made in staying out of volatility and in the waiting for those perfect trades which happen all year if you watch enough markets. You can watch our real time videos on the blog to see that the approach works.

What does it come down to? Our motto: "Know when your stocks will go up or down the precise times of the year." Then you can act with more certainty and collect your profits. Our newsletters aim to give you those times every single month for the Nasdaq, Dow and S&P.
















3 Secret Seasonal Bull Markets
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Seasonal trading doesn’t work. UNLESS you factor in the effects of different economic, monetary, business and political environments on stocks, sectors and markets.

Our Factor Timing Analysis is revolutionizing market timing by revealing sector specific bull markets and hidden stock seasonal patterns created by the forces shaping our economy.

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